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We are not tied to any particular make of stove, which means we are free to be impartial about our recommendations. Our criteria for recommending any stove is:

We recommend the following stove manufacturers:


Charnwood.  Contura.  Woodwarm.  Chesney.  Clearview.  Jotul.  Morso.  Hunter.  Esse.  Scan.  Dovre (Open Appliances).


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After years of fitting quality stoves we know the customer is never disappointed.


On occasion we spend time explaining to customers that they are far better off purchasing a good stove rather than a poor one. A poor stove could keep dropping door rope seals which require immediate replacement before continuing any use. Not an easy task to accomplish in the midst of Winter while everyone in the industry is busy. So it then becomes an owner’s job! The air-flush system (designed to flush air down the front glass, attract the flames onto deposits and to keep it clean from soot and ash) is inadequate for the job and keeping it clean is a manual everyday chore. This does not happen on good stoves that are set correctly and the full effect of the fire can be seen. We will fit other stoves so long as they are CE Approved and of serviceable compliant condition, which we would assess.


We are not keen on fitting stoves supplied by internet supply companies for the simple reason that we have been let down on Installation Day when it is discovered, too late, that wrong stoves or wrong parts have been delivered or missing altogether. When we receive an ordered stove it is thoroughly checked for damage and that all stove parts and documents are present and correct. We are also able to test-fit flue outlet parts to ensure best fit / look and colour match parts when required.


Quality Wood & Multi Fuel Stoves to suit most budgets supplied & professionally installed.


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.

Michael LeBoeuf.



Excellent Build Quality.

Rope Seals stay in.

Glass Stays Clean.

Years of Excellent Service.

Great Fuel to Heat Performance Ratio.

No problem call-backs post Install.