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“Many thanks, your service has been exemplary! Its been a pleasure to have you do the work.”


“If you need a reference from us please feel free to ask, Glenys and I would be delighted to recommend you.”


“I wish all the people we are working with were as timely, professional and pleasant!”


“Thanks for all the work, the stove looks great.”


“Thanks very much for carrying out the stove and liner installation today, it looks excellent and I am very pleased with your workmanship”.


“The stove is amazing - thank you so much...I have already emailed all at Finders Keepers to recommend your services and will do so to anyone else who talks about installation”.


“The stove looks fantastic! Thanks for a great job. I'm finding it very hard to resist lighting a fire but promise to wait until tomorrow”.


“Thank you for a lovely clean job, really pleased, sat here warm and toasty”

“Clear Chimney Services did such a fab job installing a Contura stove and flue in our 1980’s terraced house,  we are so delighted with it. Dave and his team were efficient and professional and their services represented significant value for money against the other quotes we received.  We were also grateful to them for going the extra mile to source us some matching slate and an outdoor fireplace.


I would recommend having a stove installed to anyone and tell them to look no further than Clear Chimney Services.”

Most installations can be completed in one or two days, where there are no preparatory building works to complete beforehand. We usually arrive on site around 8.30am and usually complete the installation around 4pm the same day. We bring our own protective coverings for carpets, floors and furnishings and treat your home with the utmost respect. All our installation crew members are fully trained, presentable, polite and respectful at all times.

We often liaise and work with other trades and adhere to client schedules to ensure that all installations are completed as planned and on time.


We will only use stainless steel parts (paint finish onsite) within our flue systems so that the longest life of the parts can be achieved. All joints are gas-tight sealed and permanently fixed together so that no problematic movement occurs in the flue system during operation or annual sweeping (which can loosen joints). We also fit colour matched stainless steel anti bird / rain cowls to all our installations as standard. This prevents rain ingress into the system (which can run down the flue in heavy rain conditions and corrode internal stove parts) and bird nests (which can be difficult to remove without some damage to the liner / flue system). We also carry out an extensive clean / sweep of every chimney flue prior to installing a flue lining system and fit a non intrusive Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10 year battery included) as standard on all our installations.


We are experienced enough to know which parts manufacturers make the best fitting and most aesthetically pleasing parts for each particular stove range whilst taking into consideration the overall look and feel of the property, the room the stove will be located in and of course the stove itself.


There are a range of cost effective options available to us in relation to roof and chimney access in the form of roof ladders, ridge access platform stands and mechanical lifts.


We are all about fitting quality stoves and parts so that customers are completely satisfied with no foreseeable problems occurring after installation.


Please note that as a Hetas registered Company and for safety and legal purposes, we will not Certificate installations that have not been carried out by ourselves.