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Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railways (GWR) Signal Box, Winchcombe.

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At Clear Chimney Services, our experts can fit a variety of twin-skin flexible stainless steel flue liners in a range of diameters and steel grades (important if burning fuels other than wood). We are also able to supply and install new twin-wall insulated metal chimney systems (Natural Stainless Steel finish or in a variety of powder coated colour finishes - Matt Black, Cotswold Stone, Brick or even Pink etc.) where no chimney exists (This is quicker and cheaper than re- / building a chimney in bricks or blocks).


Diameters available in twin-skin flexible liner:


125mm; 150mm; 175mm; 200mm; 225mm;250mm;300mm.


Grades: “I” denotes inner skin grade / “O” denotes outer.


Grade 316L I / 316L O. Wood & (Low Sulphur) Coal Only. No Smokeless Fuels.

Grade 904L I / 316L O. Wood & Multi Fuel. Including Smokeless Fuels / Smokeless Coal.

Grade 904L I / 904L O. Wood & Multi Fuel. Including Smokeless Fuels / Smokeless Coal.


Liner Warranties range from 10 - 25 years from date of install.


Twin Wall Systems are offered on a best performance / aesthetics basis, specific to stove and individual customer’s needs and requirements. Similar Warranties apply.