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We are able to supply and fit a variety of traditional, modern and period reproduction stone fireplaces (Cotswold Stone in honey, cream or buff colour. Bath, Portland and Reconstructed Stone etc.), handpicked from a small selection of manufacturers, proven to demonstrate exceptional quality and finish. We are also able to offer a bespoke service where your individual designs can be realised.


We are also able to carry out any fireplace alterations that may be required prior to stove installation, such as enlarging the fireplace opening, the fitting and raising of lintels, internal rendering or boxing in of internal fireplace walls and finishing work such as plastering.



Bespoke Hearths.


Real timber beam fireplace lintels can be a problem for stove installations due to their combustible nature. For instance, Building Regulations stipulates that no combustible material should be within 3 x the diameter size of any single wall flue pipe. Obviously a 150mm (6”) flue pipe should be at least 450mm (18”) away from any combustible material, including wooden lintels.


As an alternative to single wall flue pipe, twin wall insulated flue pipe (which only requires 60mm clearance distance from combustibles) can be used, but often the larger diameter of this flue pipe can look out of proportion to the stove and fireplace. Concrete wood effect beams offer a good solution in allowing the use of single wall flue pipe and retaining a traditional rustic fireplace look.


We can offer three colours of beam, two styles and bespoke dimensions. Of course we can also offer a variety of real timber beam lintels too.


We are able to supply and fit bespoke hearths made from a variety of natural and fossil stones, flags, slates, granite and marble dependant on customer’s specific requirements.

Wood Effect Concrete Lintel Beams.