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Utilising some adaptations to our unique tooling, flues from 62mm up to 600mm can be cleaned and lined, making full use of the nominal lining thickness of the Eldfast system in order to retain those vital minor flue dimensions. Obviously this same benefit is applicable to several similar types of flue construction: e.g. concrete flue blocks, clay liners and brick flues which can be lined and sealed using Eldfast.













Eldfast has very desirable benefits over alternative lining methods, in many cases.


In particular, the benefits of Eldfast are:



Masonry Flue (for example).


Eldfast coating

(Nominal thickness 3-5mm).

Free gas area.


A traditional cast in-situ coating.

Performance tested and approved for the following aspects:

Resistance to thermal shock (chimney fire).

Resistance to sootfire.

Effect of sweeping.

Gas tightness before and after thermal shock (chimney fire).

Resistance to attack by acid condensation.

25 year guarantee.

Designed to minimise disturbance to the household during installation.

Minimum reduction to existing flue size - ideal for open fireplaces - (Minimum 200mm diameter flue).

Ideal for lining Inglenook chimneys.

Competitive with other liner types due to no necessity for additional parts such as gathers, canopy hoods etc.

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An Eldfast Lining transforms a badly performing gas flue block chimney, resulting in a smooth and even gas tight surface that will be safe and increase performance and efficiency.

A stone flue with random rubble and mortar degradation transformed with Eldfast Lining with minimal reduction of flue size.

Eldfast is a ceramic mix of materials that does not contain lime or cement and can withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures having been rigorously tested by BSRIA, DANAK & DIBT to conform to current Regulation Standards & Requirements.