ECCO Stoves - Frequently Asked Questions.


Why should I buy an Ecco Stove rather than a smaller, cheaper alternative?

The Ecco Stove will heat much more of the house than just a room so can usually get pay back for the cost of the stove alone within 4 years (subject to fuel supply costs).

It’s much bigger than ordinary stoves we’ve looked at. Will it be too hot in the room?

No, just the opposite correctly sized Ecco Stove won’t overheat the room yours is the choice to heat the room gently or open doors, fire the stove harder and heat much more of the house. Any adjacent rooms will be just 1° or so cooler than sat 2.5m (8’) in front of the stove.

How much of the house will it heat?

Anything from a house with 7 up to 14 rooms dependent upon model (see Product Specification)

Does the stove need to be freestanding/Can the stove stand within a fireplace or fire opening?

The Ecco Stove can free stand or be built entirely within a fire opening or chimneybreast but leaving ideally 125mm space to sides and above (or more)

Can it stand on a wooden floor?

Models 678 and 850 have a designed heat shield for both a wooden (combustible) floor or a wall (50mm [2”] above a floor; 150 [6”] from a wall) providing 125mm (5”) of free air to sides and above the stove can be provided.

How much does it cost?

£2,870 to heat up to 7 rooms up to £5530 to heat up to 14 rooms.

Does the stove need to stand in the centre of the house?

The stove can stand anywhere within the house and deliver the same wrap around warmth – centre positioning is not essential.

Do I need to reinforce the floor?

A concrete pad off a firm foundation is ideal, or a strengthened suspended floor is quite acceptable (floor supports should be professionally designed in).

How will the heat generated feel?

Wrap around warmth generated by the Ecco Stove is not heavy and cloying or tiring as some methods of heat delivery produce. It will circulate the room and rooms off the stoves position gently and evenly leaving you feeling fresh not tired.

How much does it weigh?

The models weigh between 250kgs and 800kgs.

I only have a 7-room house; can I only have the smallest model?

No, not at all, even the biggest model can be fitted into the smallest house. It simply does not have to be fired (burned) as hard.

What colours are available?

We have 10 standard colours amongst which are Natural (stone finish), Grey, Cream, Brown and Red but we can also offer custom options. If you have a specific colour you would prefer let us know and we will try to match it.

Does the Ecco Stove come in one piece?

The Ecco Stove models are all supplied in parts due to weight.

How long does the Ecco Stove take to build on site?

Any model can be built on site within an hour.

Can I customise the paint and colour options?

The Ecco Stoves body can be chosen in a wide range of paint finishes. The iron fittings (door frame; ash pan and plugs) can be chosen in different paint finishes to customise your stove to suit your style.

How often does the Ecco Stove need to be cleaned?

On the outside it can be freshened up with soapy water (when cold). Inside the flue channels usually once or twice a year.

How long does it take to clean the flue channels?

About 5-10 minutes once or twice a year.

Is Silicon Carbide a natural mineral?

Yes but was only found in the blast area of a meteorite and named moissonite; in production it is a combination of silicon and carbon.

Is Silicon Carbide hard wearing?

Silicon Carbide is the next hardest wearing material to diamond.

Why have you used Silicon Carbide?

SIC has the characteristic of inducing high combustion temperatures and when blended with other minerals retain heat for a long period of time.

What is Silicon Carbide?

Silicon Carbide (SIC) is a product of Carbon and Silica fused to produce a very hardwearing refractory material capable of withstanding high combustion temperatures for a perfect burn and extremely low emissions.

Why should I buy an Ecco Stove?

An Ecco Stove will heat far more of the house then conventional stoves at very high efficiency levels and without connection to pipe work or electrics.

Is it difficult to control?

No, there is only one primary air control. Everything else is pre set.