Ecco Stove e730.

The newest model in the Ecco range. Weighing some 600kgs (1323lbs)


With an output of 10.5kw and high heat retention properties after the fire has gone out, the Ecco E730 will gently warm the area of a 4-bed house with up to 12 rooms to a maximum of 260m² without over heating the room in which the Ecco E730 stands.


The warmth delivered will constantly and gently move around the whole house envelope if internal doors are left open.


The Ecco E730 will wrap your house with warmth for up to 7 hours after the fire has gone out.


E730 features:


Slowly releases heat 7 hours at 25% after combustion.

High quality solid mineral throughout (Silicon Carbide) for gentle and even heat distribution.

DEFRA Exempt – wood can be burned in smoke control areas.

Air wash clear glass.

Tested on wood logs and will burn all solid fuels.

10 year warranty.

Extensive range of heat resistant colours available or natural sparkling granite like finish.



Customer Comments:


According to the gauge on our propane tank, we’ve used next to nothing since we started running the E850 Ecco Stove about 7 days ago!


Our range of temperature within the house is between 68 and 72 degrees F. We generally only fuel the Ecco Stove mornings and evenings. I’m confident that if the grid went down, our household heating wouldn’t be affected.

Terry - Wisconsin, USA