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The benefits of CrownCoat™ are:


15 Year Warranty.


Permanently Flexible.


Completely Cures In 2 – 4 Hours.


Environmentally Friendly.


Can be custom coloured.

Custom coloured brushable sealant for weatherproofing & repairing chimney crowns.

Your chimney Crown is located at the top of your chimney and is designed to help with water shed. Chimney fires, freeze damage or thermal shock, and exposure to the elements can cause cracks, water retention, and deterioration to the crown.


Depending on how extensively the crown is damaged, determines what repairs can be made. Minor cracks can be filled and the entire crown repaired and sealed with a specialty product called CrownCoat™.


It comes with a 15 year guarantee, remains permanently flexible, blocks water penetration and is a truly amazing product!


Because of its unique “quick drying” water base technology and its easy brush on application, CrownCoat™ Brushable Sealant has become a favourite among chimney professionals. CrownCoat™ is premixed and can be used wherever a long lasting waterproof membrane is needed.

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