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Our chimney sweeps are all courteous, presentable, fully insured and have many years experience.

Prices. (All prices are subject to VAT).

Standard domestic Open Fireplace / Lined Stove £65.00

Chimney is thoroughly swept, back shelf is vacuumed, fire-back is scraped clean, fire basket and all other apparatus and parts are scraped, vacuumed, stove is cleaned and fireplace hearth is vacuumed and left at minimum as clean as found. All soot deposits and debris are taken away for proper disposal. Smoke Test & Certificate Included.

              + Each additional flue in same property (Inglenook chimneys excluded) £45.00

Unlined Woodburner / Multifuel Stove. (No longer swept).

Commercial Chimney  £99.00.

Public House / Hotel / Oven Chimneys / Flues. (Inglenook chimneys excluded)

Blocked (Bird Nest etc.) / Dormant Chimney  £89.00. (Inglenook chimneys excluded)

Birds have been known to completely fill a chimney with nesting material to build up a suitable height for nest position and access / exit of chicks inside the chimney stack. Nests are also hazardous to health, containing parasites, mites, bird faeces amongst other nasty things. We can also supply & fit a wide range of Cost Effective Guards & Cowls.

Dormant chimneys are often found to be in poor condition and un-swept for many years. Price reflects additional sweeping and checks to ensure proper cleaning and operation of flue.

Flue Reamer - Additional £29.00.

Where a flue is so badly  blocked with tar / creosote build-up that it prevents proper cleaning

with traditional brushes and methods, we are able to use a powered rotary system to

clean such flues.

Sweeping from Roof - Additional £99.00.

On occasion it is possible to sweep a chimney from the top down where conventional means are not available, (i.e. Fixed Damper Plates etc). We provide the option to have the chimney swept there and then, where the cost would be considerably lower (and to eliminate a delay) for the means of usual sweeping to be installed.

Call Out Charge (Detailed Notification of Non-conformities Issued) £20.00.

Should we be booked to attend a property and through no fault of our own we are unable to complete our work (i.e. Chimney or appliance is unsafe to sweep, unsafe to use etc.) we reserve the right to charge a call-out fee to cover time and fuel costs. A written report is issued detailing the reasons and solutions to rectify.

Weekend / Evening Appointments (After 6 pm April - September) - Additional £20.00.

Sweep Certificates.

We issue a detailed Chimney Sweeping Certificate after sweeping every chimney. This certificate will provide you with documentary evidence that your chimney has been visually inspected and professionally cleaned. This is an important document and should be retained for Insurance purposes.

Recommended Sweeping Frequency for Flues / Chimneys.

Wood:   Quarterly when in use.            Bituminous Coal:   Quarterly when in use.

Smokeless Fuel:   At least once a year.          Oil:   Once a year.          Gas:   Once a year.

Making a Booking

Booking a chimney sweep could not be easier, you can book via:-

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(Text Message - Please also send postcode for availability).